How to Plan Now to Hit the Road Later

How to Plan Now to Hit the Road Later, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

How to Plan Now to Hit the Road Later, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.During my senior year in high school, the school year advanced like this:

September, October, November, May

I have no recollection of the five months between November and May.

Most students want time to pass quickly, but not me. I knew that life’s responsibilities would accelerate after graduation, and at the time I didn’t look forward to the change.

Today, time still passes quickly for me. Is that true for you, too?

If so, this is the season to plan getaways to places you’ll visit later in the year.

Travel is not always about money. There are costs involved, but thankfully, what you spend does not have to be monumental.

Here are some ideas.

Three days at a luxury hotel
I once stayed on the concierge level (top floor) and had access to the spa and the private lounge (breakfast and evening drinks included). It was an in-the-room weekend for me (except for the access options) doing absolutely nothing except watching the world go by through the room’s floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean.

Tours for women only
You may find such tours featuring wineries, shopping excursions, art/museums, hiking, cooking, and other ventures. Travel and tourism departments often know what exists, and you can, of course, perform a web search to learn what’s available. I might take a tour of Harlem, New York, this year.

Get lost in a rental car
Travel by airplane may not be in your budget, or it might be too stressful in these high-security times. I’ve had a blast renting cars for two weeks, traveling through 12 states during that time, seeing the U.S. from the ground rather than the sky. There are lots of great places to explore, and you really cannot get lost if you stay on Earth.

Travel was frenzied when I was younger. There was always a destination where lots of other people went. We waited on long lines to get in and then hurried through the facility to “have fun.”

Thinking back, the experience was draining.

My vacations today are the opposite – a time to relax wherever I end up. I breathe, smile, laugh, eat delicious meals at places not visited by crowds, and take pictures of what I want to remember. It’s truly restful. I bet you’d enjoy that, too.

Start planning now. The pictures and ideas on the Solo Traveler blog may provide inspiration. I’m hoping you can get away by yourself or maybe with a friend. Hopefully, your days will go slowly, rather than fast paced, as you enjoy every moment.

Where do you dream of visiting this year?

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