5 Ways to Make Money and Be Mobile, Too

5 Ways to Be Mobile and Make Money, Too, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

What type of lifestyle is on your goals’ list? One of these 5 ways to make money and be mobile, too, may be your choice.

Selection process

You may be in transition between jobs or perhaps part of a military family that travels every two or three years to another part of the world. You could also be newly single and need additional funds.

Such reinvention, brought on by more situations than mentioned here, causes you to ask:

What can I do that feeds my soul, keeps me happy, helps others, and makes me money no matter where I go?

The internet makes it easy to create an online lifestyle you can manage. You’ll also start thinking like a boss to achieve this goal.

I can immediately think of five get-paid opportunities to consider while in transition, and each one is also handy to do for the long term.

What you need for these options are:

  • Internet access available wherever you travel
  • Payment processing for online payments
  • Passion to share what you create, know, or sell

Create Crafts

If being creative is your passion, Etsy.com is one place to sell what you make. Look at the creativity of others and decide if this is where you want to be. As long as you can get to a post office (or have them come to you if shipping through priority or express options), your beautiful wares can be paid for through PayPal, Stripe, Square or another processing service while customers receive your handmade goods by mail.

Don’t stop at selling on Etsy, shipping through the U.S. Postal Service (if in the U.S.), or getting paid through a processor. Service providers exist in all three categories. Look for them, and choose your preferred option.

Expertly Write

Companies on the web hire subject experts. Their “write for us” page changes as writers come and go and new subjects become of interest. Find such companies online and apply to write if you have expertise on a topic they request. Make sure you understand the guidelines and payment terms. If agreeable, you’ll share your passion and get paid, too.

There are many online sites that want writing expertise. Some ask you to write in exchange for no payment, so decide on the value of your time and talent before giving it away.

Teach Courses

Community colleges still offer in-person classes. However, your transition may be more suited for teaching online. Udemy.com is one of many sites that require instructors. There is a learning curve with all course instruction, so be ready to learn how to teach before your course is launched.

Lynda and Udemy are two “teach for us” sites. Others exist. Remember to read all terms and conditions before you agree to join.

Be Artistic

If graphic design is your thing, Upwork.com and Fiverr.com may be two sites where you build a reputation while servicing people who, like me, have little graphic capability (I know my limitations). Upwork allows you to apply for jobs submitted by individuals and companies, while Fiverr lets you display your expertise so prospects request your service.

Artistry is one skill. People who visit these sites also need research help, voiceover artists, and other assistance.

Expect a percentage of each sale to be kept by whichever site you join, which is the price you pay to be part of the system. Read all details so you know what to expect.

Drop Ship

This option requires you to have a website to sell other people’s products. The company that represents the products ships the merchandise that’s advertised on your site. In some instances you get a bigger percentage of the sale (from 60/40 to 80/20 split) than the firm shipping the item because your website captured the sale.

For example, if your site offers brownies, flowers, or balloons, and a sale occurs, the drop shipper processes the sale, mails the order, and sends you a commission for the sale through your credit card processing account or another method determined by you.

There are many types of drop ship agreements, so read everything carefully before agreeing to sell products you believe will sell quickly through your own marketing.

5 ways to make money and be mobile, too

This is a small sample of what’s possible to achieve as you transition to create a fabulous lifestyle. Even if you’re happy right now, all of this is open to maximize your joy.

Which of these options is the one you’ll pursue first, or what endeavor are you now pursuing?

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