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Shirley George Frazier dot com, also known as Shirley Frazier dot com, Shirley George dot com, and Shirley Speaks dot com, is part of the Sweet Survival LLC/ network of websites.

Shirley George Frazier owns the copyright to all content on this site which includes text, videos, and audios. Shirley George Frazier also owns the copyright to all photographs on this site except where noted.

All intellectual property on this website cannot be duplicated, re-published, or re-issued online or offline for any reason or in any manner.

Website Links

Link within and outside of Shirley George Frazier dot com are often included to resources that complement the site’s content. However, there are times when those links become disabled. Be assured that such links are changed as they are found, understanding that there may be a fair amount of time for those links to be discovered and updated or removed.

EU Privacy Notice

When you visit Shirley George Frazier dot com, anonymous data is collected for statistical purposes only. We do not know who you are and will never attempt to uncover your personal information. The anonymous data is stored for infinity, allowing us to better understand where visitors are located and what is searched here so that we may better serve your speaking, writing, demonstration, and consulting requirements.

Our weekly newsletter is managed by an email marketing service which provides subscribers with an opt-out link at the bottom of each publication.

All data collected on Shirley George Frazier dot com is private and not shared with third parties outside of opt-in services approved by you through subscriptions.

By visiting Shirley George Frazier dot com, you give us permission to include your visit(s) in our anonymous data collection process. Use the contact form for questions about our policy.

Data Breach

Orders placed on this site are immediately deleted, once it is transferred to our offline financial accounting system (not stored online), which maintains your security.

If, for any reason, a data breach occurs through our web host, email marketing system, or another party securing personal information provided to us by you, we have an internal system in place to inform you within 72 hours of the breach so we can learn how the breach occurred, what we can do to assist you, and how you can also take immediate action to secure your personal information.

Orders and Refunds

All orders are paid in advance. There are no refunds.

Questions by Phone

Shirley George Frazier is unable to answer business and lifestyle questions free of charge by telephone, email, social media, blog comments, and other forms of communication. Questions are happily and thoroughly answered by Shirley George Frazier through one of the following methods:

Scheduled Appointments

Shirley George Frazier provides private consultations by phone to clients and, on occasion, offers 20-minute discussions to aspiring entrepreneurs. If you schedule an appointment with me, I expect you to honor that appointment by following the instructions provided to you through my appointment scheduler or by email.

If you do not follow the call preparation instructions, and/or if you are not available for the call at the prescribed time and do not notify me ahead of time, your appointment is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled.


Shirley George provides useful information through its products and resources for site visitors but makes no promises or guarantees about your results.


Contact Shirley George Frazier with site policy questions on the Contact page.


We reserve the right to update this policy without notice.