Create Your Own Dream Wall

Create Your Own Dream Wall, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Create Your Own Dream Wall, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Not long after moving into my home, I decided to cork one wall from floor to ceiling in my designated office.

I saw the idea in a magazine and believed it was a smart way to create what I call a dream wall. Today, this wall is more commonly known as a vision board.

On it I use push pins to organize business strategies, inspiring public profiles (Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Vera Wang, and more), and beautiful travel photos of places I may or may not visit. There’s lots more here, too, that reminds me about the lifestyle I continue to pursue.

Each day, when I walk into my office, I dedicate the first three minutes to review the wall. Sometimes I’ll remove an item that’s no longer valid, and other times I’ll pin something new that complements my goals.

Daily life doesn’t always give you time to recall what you enjoy. Right now, I’m planning a two-week trip, accompanying my mom to a new doctor and physical therapist, working on business projects, and trying my best to fit exercise and playing with Mae and Pepi in my schedule. That dream wall grounds me so I don’t collapse from daily duties.

I purchased the tiles from Rickel, and if you remember that home improvement store which rivaled Channel, pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished since the demise of both retailers.

This dream wall idea may be something that benefits you, and thankfully, you don’t have to attach glue to a wall in small quantities and then press cork tiles one by one onto the wall unless you want to as part of the do-it-yourself movement.

You may not be able to set up such a wall because you’re in an apartment or another place where improvements are forbidden. In that case, consider a moveable corkboard or a large canvas found in most art stores. Both can be positioned upright and leaning on the floor and wall if you’re unable to attach it to a surface.

Add to it the things you like to see, visit, taste, and feel. Include inspirational phrases, photographs, and pretty items embellished with beads or ribbon. Whatever puts a smile on your face is what gets highlighted.

There’s a picture on my wall (you can see it at the top right) of Muhammad Ali and his trainer, Angelo Dundee, with the sentence above the picture stating:

“Until Ali was the greatest, he would not rest. Nor would Angelo Dundee, his trainer.”

The picture was taken in Miami Beach in 1954. I read this, then close my hands and pump my fists in the air each morning as motivation.

Look for something similar to place on your dream wall for instant inspiration.

What will you include on your wall, and how quickly will you make it?

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  1. This is almost like a vision board, only with a bit more permanence. I actually have a board but to be truthful I can’t tell you the last time I actually looked at it deeper than just glancing at it, since I see it all the time as it’s next to my office door. I’m going to have to think about that a bit more.

    And it’s amazing how timely this post is for me, seeing the Ali info above on the day that he passed away…

    1. Hi Mitch,

      Yes, what I’ve created is a vision board expanded to an entire wall. I don’t change much on it except to add and remove show registrations. I do like seeing the inspiration and quotes each day to inspire my own vision.

      The Ali picture is a keeper to see true determination as it unfolded.

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