8 Ways to Confirm that You are a Financial Genius

8 Ways to Confirm that You are a Financial Genius. Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

You qualify as a financial genius if any of the following applies:

  • Pay yourself at least $10 per month before paying others (you are first on the list)
  • Set up automatic bill pay through your checking account (that’s genius in itself)
  • Organize paying bills so you don’t pay late charges at least 98% of the time
  • Calculate numbers on your fingers when necessary (totally acceptable)
  • Know where to find and how to work the calculator app on your phone
  • Can spend down on your debit card without overdrawing
  • Operate an always warm, lit, and food-stocked household
  • May have to pay a finance charge but pay on time to skip the late fee

Hold your head up in the mirror and be proud.

Every month you organize, calculate, and handle your money. You might process everything once a month, or perhaps you handle finances every week because that’s how your money flows. Whatever way it’s done, you get it done.

I’m the same way and have recently realized that I’m in the financial genius category.

I was in charge of savings and bill payments during my marriage. Now that I’m alone, I still handle it.

Sometimes it’s not easy. I move money from one account to another when I cannot get to the bank on time. When that happens, I use a phone app as a note to remember where to replenish what was borrowed from another account.

Every month, a specific amount of money is transferred from my checking account into savings. That’s working out quite well, and every six months, I evaluate if it’s time to increase that amount.

My bills are sorted according to date due and placed in an organizer I purchased from Lillian Vernon. The organizer sits on my dresser, and as bills arrive they are opened, reviewed for discrepancies, and entered into the proper slot so I know when to pay.

My challenge this year is to decrease the number of bills added to the organizer. Right now there are about 12. I’m trying to reduce it to six which includes fixed expenses (mortgage, electricity, water, etc.).

I still receive bills by mail for the reason explained in this article. I will not throw my family into turmoil wondering where the bills are if I suddenly pass away, and as mentioned in that article, unless creditors offer a discount for online billing, I won’t allow them to save money unless I’m saving, too.

It’s okay if you had difficulty understanding math when you were in school. Most of us can say the same. However, look how far you’ve come. Now you maintain a tremendous, and sometimes complex budget. As I mentioned, it’s not always easy, but you complete this goal so you can breathe easier at night and maintain a great home for you and your family. That’s powerful stuff, so celebrate with your beverage of choice, and give yourself permission to be labeled financial genius.

What else do you calculate, organize, and accomplish?

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  1. Well, I never considered myself a financial genius until reading this. I’m pretty good with almost all of these and ahead on some of them as well so I’ll take what I can get. 🙂 I also am not overly crazy about receiving bills via email but there are a couple that come that way and I just deal with it.

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