Tales from Teenage Years that Make Sense Now

Tales from Teenage Years that Make Sense Now, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Tales from Teenage Years that Make Sense Now, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.Like all teenagers, I thought I could get away with breaking my mother’s rules.

She sought to curb my bad behavior before I harmed myself by saying:

“Someone who lives across the street is watching you at all times.”

I didn’t challenge her out loud, but my immature teenage brain was furiously trying to make sense of what my mom said.

Who was this mysterious person? In which house do they live?

I’d peek through the living room blinds to see if I could uncover which house had me under surveillance.

I was indignant. How dare anyone tell my mom what I was up to when she wasn’t around.

Years later, when I married and had a child, I realized that no one was watching me.

What my mom said was done in hopes of preserving my life and saving her sanity. You don’t realize the consequences of needless actions until you become a parent. Only then do your young and stupid activities come to mind, because at that point you hope that your own children don’t repeat the same mistakes or at least do nothing worse.

Today, you still must be mindful of every step outside of your door because someone is most likely watching. Sometimes the observation can be helpful in case you need a hand. Other times you could be examined to monitor your movements by a person who has foul play in mind.

When my mom leaves her home, she will often look back at the house and wave to simulate that someone is still inside. She’ll also talk to a phantom person on the upper level of her home when a workman arrives.

I’ve begun waving at my house, too, since Mae and Pepi bark loudly as we leave, informing everyone on the block that we’re traveling elsewhere.

Security is more important than ever today. You have the right to do what’s necessary to secure your possessions without feeling ashamed, exposed, or self conscious. If anyone considers what you do to protect yourself as strange, that can be a good thing that keeps people who don’t understand as far away from you as possible.

What do you remember about safety and security from your early years that has made a positive impact on your life today?

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