Create Your Own Best Pictures Gallery

Create Your Own Best Pictures Gallery, by Shirley George Frazier. All Rights Reserved.

How can you share your photos in a meaningful way? One option is to create your own best pictures gallery. Here’s how to begin.

Vast reasons

At the end of each year, Time magazine and other publications share their best photos in print and online.

That’s their version. What’s yours?

If you have a camera or cellphone, there are probably photos within the equipment that you were proud to capture.

  • A loved one’s birthday
  • You posing with a new client
  • Attending a family gathering
  • Showing off unique items at a trade show
  • Standing in a field of flowers
  • Speaking on stage at a business event
  • Enjoying time with your pet(s)
  • Autographing your book for a fan
  • Traveling to a favorite destination

Some photos are shareable, while others are for your eyes only.

Instant results

I remember when taking photographs was costly. That was when the 110 camera was popular, and if you recall that era, you know what I mean. Even having photos developed from non-digital 135mm cameras had to be budgeted. The processing cost rivaled a week’s worth of groceries if you were a photo-taking fanatic like me.

Now it’s easy to point, shoot, and quickly see what you’ve captured. In fact, it’s too easy at times, especially if someone posts an unflattering photo of you online without your approval. Thankfully, that can often be remedied by finding instructions through search on how to mute it or requesting the owner to remove it.

Create your own photo timeline

Give yourself permission to take more photos (especially if you’re not doing it now) and create your own gallery. Technology allows this to boost your business through photos shared on your website and social media pages. It also makes capturing personal triumphs a fun hobby.

Here are two of my favorites photos.

Copyright Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

I’m greeting one of the attendees after my speaking engagement in Los Angeles. Yes, we are posing. However, a similar photo is a perfect addition on your website.

Unless you opt for a video, such a picture is wonderful on your welcome, contact, or about us page.

Whose Opinion Blocks Your Fun and How To Do It Anyway. Shirley George Frazier, all rights reserved.

Certain retailers sell journals with catchy phrases written on the cover. You can arrange such journals in the store and capture a photo to accompany a blog post or a message shared on your Instagram page.

Why sift through random photos taken by someone else when you can create your own gallery?

By the way, this journal photo represents the article, Whose Opinion Blocks Your Fun and How To Do It Anyway, which discusses how to not let people stomp on your dreams.

Start snapping now

Most of us are already in picture mode since equipment is right in our hands thanks to cellphone technology. Dedicate about 20 minutes each weekend to organize photos into groups or themes. This will make it easier to find the photo you want for posting or, as suggested, create your end-of-year best picture gallery.

I have an iCloud account, but my go-to for this task is my computer’s picture folder. My internal folders are named according to themes, occasions, and personal memories. It’s much easier separating photos in this manner and not sifting through thousands of captures to find one picture.

The opportunity to create your own best pictures gallery allows you to be original and creative. Think back about your past achievements as well as what you plan to accomplish. At year’s end, you’ll have a bevy of favorites to share in whatever manner you choose.

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