Five Tips to Write Your Long-Awaited Book

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You know those movies where you see a writer staring at a blank computer screen, hoping that the words in her head will magically jump onto the page?

That’s not the norm, except when you write a book for the first time. The goal is to write and publish a completed book, but the first step in finishing the goal is often hardest when pursuing this new dream.

If that’s your situation, I have some ideas that will help you fill that blank page, ideas that complement another inspiring article, It’s Time to Tell Your Story.

I’m going to share these ideas in person in October when participating in the Indie Author Day celebration at two libraries.

1. Have passion for your topic.
If you truly enjoy talking about your book’s subject, the words will flow from your mind to paper or computer quicker than you imagine. You’ll find yourself overrun with so much information that it will be difficult to stop writing or typing.

2. Don’t think everyone knows what you know.
Walking into a bookstore or searching Amazon and seeing other books on your subject can be deflating, but understand this: no one will write about the subject in the way you do. Readers are waiting. Don’t disappoint them by quitting before you start.

3. Write an outline on what you’ll include.
You need clarity on what will be featured in your book. You’ll have text, but perhaps you’ll also add charts, statistics, photographs, website links, notes, citings from other books, and more. The book writing class I attended in 1996 pointed out the need for an outline. It’s still true today.

4. Set aside time every day to write.
If you skip a day, you’ll skip another day, and then you’ll forget you’re writing a book. Writing is a habit, a daily task to complete if you truly want your words published. As little as 10 minutes each day is enough time.

5. Keep going until your book is finished.
Procrastination is part of every life, including yours and mine, and thankfully each of us works to remove it. Don’t allow stuff to get in the way of your dream, your goal, your book. Turning this dream into a reality will enhance your life and the lives of people who read it.

I’ll participate in the Indie Author Day festivities at the Wayne Public Library, Wayne, New Jersey on October 8 and the Paterson Public Library, Paterson, New Jersey on October 15. See the Indie Author Day website page to find a library close to you that will also celebrate the day which focuses on bringing authors and aspiring writers together to talk about being and becoming an author.

Return here after your participation to share what you learn and when you will begin writing your book.

UPDATE: Here’s a video from the Indie Author Day event.

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