Negative Words Can Positively Impact Your Future

Negative Words Can Positively Impact Your Future, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Negative Words Can Positively Impact Your Future, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.“I want to be a cashier.”

That’s what I announced to my mom in 1962 on my first trip with her to the supermarket.

The job looked fascinating through my young eyes. The ladies seemed to be enjoying their jobs, and enjoyment was definitely what I wanted in life.

Mom scoffed at me. “That’s what you want?” she asked with a sour look on her face. “You can do better than that.”

I waited to hear options that were better than being a cashier, but my mom didn’t share any other job with me. That left me wondering what else was available.

What in the world could I do? What was open to me?

I didn’t think about jobs any more. It was better to laugh and play with friends outside of our Brooklyn, New York apartment than to think about the future.

Even if I saw another job that I believed to be interesting, I doubt that I would have shared it with my mom in anticipation of her dashing my hopes once again.

Who said something to you when you were young that ultimately affected your views?

There are many negative conversations that you’ve participated in that are embedded in your mind but aren’t recalled. Certain visuals or overheard conversations bring forgotten words to light, and you know what? I’d rather those negatives stay buried.

It’s not that my mom harmed my thinking. On the contrary, her words helped me to consider more-lucrative professions even though I didn’t know of any.

Guess what? Today, I am a cashier, the person who accepts, counts, and reconciles the money I receive for speaking engagements, book sales, consultations, and a myriad of other financial tasks within my own business. Like you, I am the genius behind the money mentioned in this earlier article.

My mom (shown standing in front of the elephant) spoke success about my future, and I appreciate every word she said and didn’t say.

Who said something to you long ago that you cannot forget that has impacted you positively or negatively, and if negative, what will you do to change the outcome?

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