Permission to Change Your Appearance

Is It Time to Change Your Appearance?, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Permission to Change Your Appearance, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.I love visiting wig shops.

I love it because it’s the one place where I can tuck my curls under a cap and change my physical appearance by placing any of the multiple human or synthetic hair styles atop my head.

Why should entertainers have all the fun dressing with pink hair one day, a short cut black bob the next, and straight blond hair on the weekend?

We know that this type of style change isn’t appropriate in the work place (unless it’s permitted due to the type of work you perform), but when you’re on your own time, you can be anyone and wear anything you want. Really.

Some neighbors look at you and gossip among each other, possibly thinking that you’re going through some type of change.

Why is there such frenzy about creating a new look? What is the problem? That’s what I want to know.

On occasion, you hear on the news about a person accused of participating in a criminal act. That person’s house is searched, and in it are multiple weapons, animal hoarding, strange items in the refrigerator, or something else that expresses a type of mental instability.

What’s the first thing that neighbors say to the media?

“She was so nice.”

“She was quiet.”

“She kept to herself.”

“She never had problems.”

“I can’t believe it.”

People who enjoy life and express it with occasional appearance changes are more suspicious than those who are “quiet.” How sad.

Still, you can create your own unique style and be whomever you want to be whenever you crave change.

The same idea with wigs is also true for apparel. I go to clothing and shoe stores to try on items that are the complete opposite of what I usually purchase. I go there knowing that I’m not buying anything; I simply want to have fun seeing how I appear and how it feels.

Six inch stilettos on the rack in my size? Yep, I’m putting them on. I can’t walk properly, and my toes are mashed together, but I tried.

Skinny jeans in my size? They’ve never fit, but maybe this pair will. Oops, they don’t. A good effort.

You may also be accustomed to only trying on familiar styles. Next time, go out of your comfort zone. Pick something that’s totally different. Let no one deter you, and do not be embarrassed. You have the right to experiment.

I’ll return to the wig store in two months to see what’s new, and I’ll have fun seeing my face in the mirror sporting a new style.

What have you wanted to try on and now have the confidence to do so?

©ShirleyGeorgeFrazier. All rights reserved.

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  1. I like this … thanks for the reminder to give myself permission.

    1. Hello Linda,

      For some reason, my site is not alerting me to comments, and I apologize for this late response.

      You’re welcome for the permission. Keep and use it daily!

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