Be Real or Accept the Consequences

Be Real or Accept the Consequences, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

One of my friends tells me that she eats healthy by choosing fruits, vegetables, and other rich-in-vitamin foods.

I wholeheartedly believe her. In other words, I know that she doesn’t tell me one thing about what she eats and then chooses something that’s not healthy when preparing meals.

A recent trip to Florida, where my friend invited me and others to join her for a business event, confirmed her allegiance to eating well.

She hired a personal chef to prepare a delicious, organic lunch and fresh dessert for the group. The food was expertly prepared and magnificent in taste and presentation.

This experience is in contrast to a person I met five years ago at a morning business event. A gentlemen sat next to me, and we introduced ourselves. The goal he shared with me was to open a health food store.

Breakfast arrived soon after on plates containing eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a small fruit dish. We and others in attendance listened to a panel of speakers while eating.

Soon after, the food staff circled the room once more to ensure that everyone was served. The health food entrepreneur wasted no time extending his hands to accept a duplicate plate of food and quickly consumed all of it.

I have a strong feeling that this person did not reach his goal. If you are truly in line with your aspirations, everything you do will align with the mission.

It’s understandable that time is required to stop smoking, reduce weight, or purchase a home. However, if the person who wants to achieve such goals continues to smoke one pack daily, or eat an entire pizza for lunch, or spend money on items outside of a life sustaining category, such a person will be ridiculed when others point out the misalignment.

When sharing a goal, be ready to walk it like you talk it. You have to make time for research, study how other people accomplish similar goals, and make changes in your lifestyle to get what you say you want.

One of my current goals is to reduce my weight. Anyone who is on the same mission recognizes the sacrifices made to attain success, so if I’m seen consuming fast foods or fattening desserts, anything I say to others about weight loss will be shunned whether I like it or not.

When you announce a new and marvelous goal, first make sure you’re ready to achieve it. That’s the only true way to know, in your own mind, that you’re dedicated to and focused on positive transformation.

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