Three Ways to Guard Yourself Against Nonbelievers

You can’t make money with that!

Those were the first words I heard from my uncle who asked me to explain the type of book I was preparing to write.

The book had already been accepted by a publisher. I was diligently planning the content and marketing strategy when my mom asked me to accompany her by car to visit her best friend and her husband (mom’s girlfriends and husbands become your aunts and uncles).

My uncle is a long-time musician. He understands entrepreneurship, or so I thought, because of his own need to book himself into clubs and other locations since he had neither an agent nor manager.

I was excited to tell him about my new book, ongoing business, and how my plans were coming together. Then he uttered the “you can’t make money with that” phrase, twisting his mouth to finish the conclusion.

Boy, was I surprised. The one person I knew would “get it” didn’t, but thankfully that didn’t deter me. In fact, his pronouncement gave me that “I’ll show him” attitude, and for the last 25 years, I’ve done just that.

You’ve seen this same discontent on television shows and in the movies. The main character has a great idea, and there’s always someone who doesn’t believe in the main character’s dream. This conclusion will be expressed by someone in your life, so don’t be surprised when it happens.

In fact, it’s great someone you know doesn’t believe you’ll succeed. If everyone said, “Yea, go for it!,” you wouldn’t guard yourself against pending challenges and setbacks, especially when moving from the employment world into self employment.

Here are three ways to keep yourself on track as you wade through negativity.

1. Select who to tell. Not everyone will get it or understand your goals. Some will be on your side, while others will not want to see you advance.

2. Write down anything said to you by the naysayers that you believe is worth monitoring. What some of them say might actually be useful.

3. Don’t internalize other people’s failures. It’s wise to make changes when necessary, but tales of how other people failed is not your story.

I haven’t seen my uncle in a long time, but I have seen my own success because I didn’t let his opinion interrupt my goals. There’s no doubt that you will also proceed and launch your business no matter what naysayers think.

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