A Potential Problem Transforms into a Fun Staycation

A Potential Problem Transforms into a Fun Staycation, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

A Potential Problem Transforms into a Fun Staycation, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.This is the week I planned to drive to Atlanta, Georgia, with Mae and Pepi in tow.

My goal was to attend a gift show that occurs twice a year.

The plan was “all systems go” until the owner of the rental home suddenly rescinded his confirmation. The cancelled reservation notice arrived by text at 9:30 pm one night, and my mind raced to decide if I’d pursue another rental or make other plans. The latter was my choice.

I’m currently enjoying what people call a staycation, working on business for half a day and having fun with the kids the other half.

You’ve heard the phrase “turn lemons into lemonade.” That’s what I’m pursuing, doing something totally out of my comfort zone each day. Some of what I’ve done may not be a big deal to you, or it may be something that you do for yourself on a regular basis. Each of us has a different way of life, and that’s great in itself.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed.

  • My first 30-minute foot massage through Groupon. Until now, my feet have only been touched by my birth doctor, mom, and me.
  • Mae, Pepi, and I spending the afternoon at a dog park. This park is so close; why haven’t we been here before?
  • Meeting bloggers at a local event found through Meetup.com. It’s time to greet other writers who share their passion online.
  • Breakfast at a pancake house. My morning meal is always at home, but I found a local eatery. The Cuban wrap and potatoes were outstanding!
  • Taking a drive an hour away from my office to meet and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs in a setting far away from my home base.
  • Lunch with friends I haven’t seen since last year. We live so close but are so busy. It’s time to get together to update our lives.

The only financial damage from the Atlanta trip is prepaying for a rental car. My busy staycation schedule is making good use of the vehicle. I view the car as a silver lining. The cost may have been problematic but, in hindsight, its presence is a blessing.

I’m also reading every evening, and that includes an article entitled 99 Great Ways to Save recently published in the AARP Bulletin. Don’t let the source fool you into thinking the methods are only for seniors. Every age can benefit by trying at least one of the tips.

You’re either traveling this summer or staying close to home. In either case, what’s on your agenda?

©ShirleyGeorgeFrazier. All rights reserved.

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  1. I love this! “Murphy’s Law” will sometimes happen and it helps to become creative in finding ways to circumvent those possibilities. Kudos to you for taking time out to ‘smell the roses’ along the way… and yet being flexible enough so as to avoid the “Law.” 🙂

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Your comment puts a wide smile on my face! You are so right about the “Law” and flexibility. Knowing that sulking and whining are wasted energies, I realized that there was a better way to quickly turn the situation around.

      I appreciate your wisdom and know that, if you’re disappointed in a similar way, you will also flex your creative muscle and make lemonade!

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