Gift Basket Marketing

Gift Basket Marketing, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Everything you want to know to market and sell your gift baskets!

Gift Basket Marketing: The Guide for Maximum Visibility and Sales

Creating gift baskets is the fun and easy part of the business. You take a collection of foods and gifts, and you place them in a basket or unique container. We love doing that! However, marketing gift baskets is totally different and a bit more difficult. You have to convince people to buy your gift baskets. That’s not so easy. After all, you don’t know where to market, how to market, or how to approach people in person or online. It’s a problem, and this Gift Basket Marketing course is the solution.

This course will help you to understand exactly how to market and where to market your gift baskets so you sell more and more often. You don’t want the beautiful gift baskets you make to stay in your studio. You want them in the hands of individuals and corporations who buy often. This course will reveal the best marketing methods so it’s easy for you to take action to sell. Gift Basket Marketing helps you achieve that.

There are six sections in this course, which you see on the description page linked below. Everything you will learn is outlined, everything that I have helped not only myself achieve but also designers just like you. There are different ways to market depending on what works for you. Get ready for the best results selling to individuals and corporations, too, if they are part of your marketing.

Look at the course sections. See all of the videos, forms, links, and everything you’re going to get in this course. There is a lot to cover, and at the end you are going to have a solid marketing blueprint for selling your gift baskets much more often than you are doing right now. There’s also a discussion forum to ask questions 24/7, and I’m here to answer anything you need to know.

This course is available 24/7. Go here, and join us!

Gift Basket Marketing: The Guide for Maximum Visibility and Sales