6 Places to Go to Develop Ideas and Inspiration

Six places to go to develop ideas and inspiration by Shirley George Frazier

Standing atop a roof, as this picture illustrates, is not a practical place to think about your business and its development.

Neither is a hospital room, a noisy environment you may end up in if you attempt this danger.

You may think that your office is a logical choice. While it’s your main space, it’s not always the most inspiring. Sometimes you have to get up and go out to develop business goals and ideas.

Potential locations to document plans are everywhere. Your favorite setting depends on the type of place that motivates your thinking. It may be a quiet zone or one that’s active with low-tone talking in the background.

Want quiet? Try here:

This is still a top favorite of mine. The one I visit has partitioned spaces set up with chairs in a corner far from the entry door so you can work on a laptop or spread out with pen, paper, and books.

House of Worship
Not every church and synagogue is open on a regular basis or open to the public 24/7. If a building also houses other activities that serve the public, you may be able to enjoy this space on your own. Also, be willing to offer the church a small donation for their assistance.

This place isn’t always absolutely silent, especially if it’s popular and well traveled. However, there are rooms in museums with special collections where silence can be found along with benches to sit and contemplate your next business move.

Is an active area better? Then try:

Hotel lobby
Lodging facilities with sofas, chairs, and tables in the lobby or breakfast area may be your perfect idea nook. Staff will not bother you unless you are disruptive, and that won’t happen outside of what you’re creating to dethrone your competitors.

Public bus or train
The rocking motions and scenery are a combination that may create eureka moments. Remember to bring earplugs in case a passenger is speaking too loudly on a cellphone (unless the voice is motivating, not irritating).

Coffee shop
You’ll find lots of activity here, as you may already know, if specialty coffees or teas are part of your daily diet. If you have a favorite shop, visit other locations to see if a different place has a vibe you like better.

I have a good feeling that if these spaces aren’t available to you, for whatever reason, reading about the possibilities has brought to light inspiring places to pursue in your area.

Where will you go to develop your plans?

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